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Freud believes that the essence of dream is the expression of the subconscious desire,and it is tortuous, repressed unconscious desires in disguise, symbolic satisfaction. Dreams always seem to be directional, and they are a reflection of the real world. And the same dream sounds incredible and exists at the same time. Through the survey of friends around me, whether young or old, more than 50% of people have had the dream of losing their teeth.,so it is difficult to think that it is just a simple coincidence.


The crumbling of the teeth, empty teeth cavities, for a very long time I dreamed about these almost every day.So why on earth are so many people dreaming of this kind of dream? It is generally believed that this phenomenon may be related to their mental stress.


I use Water Cooler  as the main visual device, when you press the water outlet switch, teeth began to flow, as a metaphor for pressure, meaning the release and loss of pressure.


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